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Transform your fundraising

We’ll create you an amazing online experience that engage donors and delight sponsors

Worry-free online streaming

Let our expert team manage your entire event stream to guarantee a seamless event experience

Check out one of our flagship events – The Stay at Home Gala:

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Case Studies

JP Bervoets Vice President,

“With the outbreak of COVID-19 our Community Foundations faced both an increase in demand and a serious funding deficiency.

Stay At Home Fundraising came to our rescue with their innovative Stay At Home Gala event raising an incredible $570,000 across the country and giving us a new opportunity to foster relationships with a whole new sector of donors and philanthropists of different demographics and backgrounds.

These are benefits that will last far beyond the emergency response of COVID-19.”

– JP Bervoets , Vice President, CFC – May 28 2020

22 Community Foundations hosted coordinated local events combined with a nation stream.
These events collectively raised $570,000 for COVID relief efforts.

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Innovative Event Designs

Events that will wow your donors!

“Your event design helped us raise over $70,000
and we’re now even leveraging the Boobs Save Lives concept into new revenue streams for our organization.”

Gillian Hanson – Outreach Coordinator at the Northern Star Milk Bank

Worry-free event streaming

Let our team of streaming experts manage your entire broadcast

“In the past, we’ve had a lot of video issues hosting online meetings and events but with the Stay at Home Fundraising team everything was taken care of for us and the stream was completely smooth which made us look great!”

Allie LeMoine – Marketing Specialist at Interior Savings

Smart revenue and
entertainment strategies

to help you exceed Your Fundraising Goals

“I was originally hoping we would raise about $10,000 and we blew past that in a matter of days. I was astounded with how much money we raised…and at the end of the day, these events are about raising money and this has helped us to bring in what we needed to continue to do the important work that we do.”

Leanne Hammond – Executive Director at the Community Foundation of the North Okanagan

Start Planning Your Next Online Event

Meet the team

Drew Vincent

Team Lead

Tim Carlson

Technical Lead

Katie Krebs

Fundraising Enhancement Lead

Start Planning Your Next Online Event

Questions and Concerns

What distinguishes you from everyone else?

We care deeply about supporting charitable organizations that’s why we focus specifically on charity events. We are 100% focused on giving your donors, event attendees and sponsors the best experience possible while helping you make your event easy, fun, and successful.

Who are you guys, anyway?

We are a passionate group of individuals from across Canada that want to do more than just run events. We all care deeply about impact and purpose, this is just the best way we know how to help because we know online events.

What exactly are you promising? What evidence do you have to back up these promises and claims?

Put simply, we promise to run a flawless online event that engage donors and delight sponsors. We have incredible reviews from our charity partners and we’re very proud that 93% of our attendees say they would attend another online event.

How do I know your solution will work for me? Who hasn’t it worked for?

We have run successful online events with charities across North America both big and small. In the last year alone we have helped raise over $570,000 with our Stay At Home Gala events.
This solution works great for charities that want to innovate their events, increase fundraising and maximize their potential revenue. If you don’t do these types of revenue generation than this isn’t for you.

How do I present this to my team?

Online events may seem scary to some organizations and others may feel the cost of an outside event manager may burden their fundraising. With our proven track record of successful online events we can help your organization pivot into this new events space and achieve your fundraising goals.
Ask us about our resource guide for online events to show your board or executive team.

What are typical contract terms?

All our contracts are based specifically around each event and the support package we determine is right for you. We work hard to make sure everything you are getting with your event package is clearly defined so that you can feel confident that you’re getting the best return on your investment. Book a call to learn more about different package options and what we can offer your organization.

What type of support do you offer?

With our Curated option, we’ll help you design a world class event and ensure it goes to plan on the day! Our Coached option will add in our hands on coaching support to help you organize all the event logistics leading up to your event. Or, sit back and relax, with our White Glove option and we’ll do it all the hard work for you!
Ask us for more details and we can help you pick the option that’s right for you.

Where did you get the idea to offer this solution?

Our team came together as an initiative to help support charitable organizations supporting relief efforts for COVID-19. In just 5 days we put together our first Stay At Home Gala event and it was a huge success. We then partnered with the Community Foundations of Canada to run a national single day event with for 22 communities which raised over $570,000.

Why do I need to hire an outside event manager?

Whether this is your organizations first online event or you’ve run online events for years we are here to help make the process easy and your event a great success. We focus on working with each organization to design an amazing event while removing the technical burden of online streaming. Let us help you build an incredible experience that your community will never forget.

How much is this all going to cost?

We have designed event management and design packages to suit any organization, big or small. Our goal is to never be a cost but to be the driving force that helps you put together a successful event and exceed your fundraising goals. We’ll work with you to create a smart plan and build a great production to make your online event look like a high end digital production on any budget.

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